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Site Introduction

This is a single page navigation site

You can set it as the homepage, or save it locally, or bookmark it~

It is the best support for me

The navigation page is ad-free~

I tried adding Google Ads to the README page, it might add some income to me, let's see how it works, if not, I'll delete it!

If you have a better website recommendation, any suggestions, comments, etc., you can email to [email protected]


I thought of some sponsorship benefits, preliminary ideas~

1. If you have a personal homepage, website, etc., we can help you link with friends

2. You can permanently put your name (hidden personal information if necessary) on a sponsor list

3. For those with a large amount of sponsorship, such as >500$, we can help you write a custom navigation page, choose a second-level domain name (, or your own webpage can be linked here

4. After there is a certain amount, after ensuring the operation of the website and a certain amount of living expenses, I will donate the rest to UNICEF, and then publicize it on the website.

Means of sponsoring me:

1. btc address: 36VURBmb9grAG4Du2G3aUpxRVsokgKFJub

2. eth/bsc/ht all kinds of coins will work~, the accumulation will add up: 0x0eBfe9C80e8bd8Ff4151B198Ef33EC248103BF69

3. Buy me a coffee

Although it is a little troublesome, as long as you sponsor, please send the screenshot of the transaction record and the benefits you want to [email protected], and then I will contact you~, thank you very much!


I wrote a version of my self-introduction, I feel a little sad

Life does have hardships, joys, and a lot of injustices

Experience is the source of a person's inner growth, which may sometimes be annoying~

But I should think about people or things that bring me joy, comfort, encouragement, and beauty

They can always provide themselves with motivation to move forward and explore

I am a young child~ I am immature psychologically, love to eat, love to play, love nature, love tossing, love life.

Sometimes there is sadness for no reason, just eat a good meal and get some sleep. Heartless, 😋